Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hurricane Haikui

Coming from Florida -- strong winds, thunderstorms and hurricanes are a big yawn.  Well, it was a big deal in Shanghai.  Last week we had Category 1, Hurricane Haikui touch land about 300 km south of Shanghai.  
Shanghai has a code yellow, orange and red level system to tell their citizens how bad a storm or other diaster has become.  Well conditions went from yellow to orange to red, which we found out is the condition that everything shuts down.  So no work, public transporation, etc while the winds were blowin'.  Trees here are not made to withstand strong winds so there was many trees and branches down.  Amazingly, the next day the Chinese workers cleaned it all up!!
Our front yard underwater.  Yanyuan getting extremely wet -  we had about 6" of rain.

Our pomegranate tree half down in the background.

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