Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jinqaio Life Hub

This was a nice rainy Sunday afternoon activity to take the kids to while Mama shopped for 'teacher' clothes.  Mama has been asked to substitute teach at the kid's school from now until Christmas.  She is teaching humanities for a 7th grade class.  

Carnival slide.  Sit on your sack to ride down.

So this is on the 3rd floor of a shopping mall.  You paid 25 RMB per child (20 on weekdays) for them to run around like crazy nuts.

Caomei - not sure where the boys went.

Yanyuan posing for something.  He cut his chin running into
another child.

Deeper ball bowl that was in a bigger bowl.

There was also an indoor basketball court but I didn't try
to figure out how to get the kids into that.

After the running around I bought 100 RMB ($16) worth of
token for each of them to play games with.  It was the typical
Chuckie Cheese arcade where you play games and collect
tickets for useless, overpriced prizes at the end.

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