Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ultra-Violet Night

I just got back from our annual Home Leave to the USA.  This is a benefit to all expats where the company provides each family member a round-trip ticket back to their home city.  Or a lump sum, like our case since we didn't go directly back to our home city.  Anyway, that is reason that there has been such a delay since our last post.

This post is about a dinner that Yangmei and I went to at the Ultra-Violet restaurant.  It's not really a restaurant but an intimate dinner for 10 at some remote location.  We met our other dinner guests at the Mr. and Mrs. Bund restaurant and took at 20 minute shuttle to the our spot.   Paul Pairet, a local somewhat famous chef, was cooking the 25-course meal for us.  

Entrance to Mr. and Mrs. Bund

We had assigned seating.  UVB is the menu that
we had.  As you can see, their was movies, pictures
and other visual presented on the table and walls.

This was the preparation for a dry-ice, single
spoonful of a grapefruit-popping dish.

1st course - a single spoonful!  It literally burst in our

This was a yogurt dish.

Chocolate covered fograis.


We were in the forest for this dish of truffles.

They blew cigar smoke under the cover for that smokey flavor.

Not sure what this was other than really good.

Make your own instant noodles.

Squirted out the noodles through a syringe.  

Here is the 10 - we knew one couple and there were 8 of
us in our group.  Astroturf on the table and it felt like we
were on a picnic.

Two dishes that looked alike but tasted very different.

One of the five desserts.

Breakfast - well not really since this was an apricot that only
looked like an egg.

To our surprise, Chef Paul was in the back cooking!

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