Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chinese Touch Rugby

Yugege is an athlete so he has played many sports in his short 10 year life.  But playing rugby was never something that Baba would ever think he would see his son doing.  Rugby is one sport that most Americans just don't understand, me included.  Just like many non-American don't understand American Football, Rugby has some rules that are just not obvious.  Touch-rugby is even a little more challenging to understand.

A horrible rainy day.  Team practice before the match.
 The rules as I picked up were the following:
- Single touch is a tackle
- After a tackle the other team has to give them 5 meters to start the next play.
- You start the next play by rolling the ball backwards with your foot to the initial passer.
- You have to lateral the ball to others on your team
- If you don't lateral then you turn is over
- If you drop the ball then you turn is over.

- You get 6 tries to move the ball down the field and get the ball into the 'endzone'.
- A score is called a "try".
- If you don't get a try after 6 'plays' then the other team gets the ball.

The games were at the Concordia field.

Here is a play were the player is running straight with the ball.

Yugege is No. 4.  He is lateraling it to No. 10.

Yugege is lateraling again.

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