Sunday, October 21, 2012

Running a Race in Shanghai (JP Morgan Challenge)

This is in the starting line pointing back.  The runners went for about 500 meters or more.
There are firsts of many things each week.  This last week was our first running race in Shanghai.  Both tai tai and I hope to run more races in the future but this was quite the experience.  The best way to describe it was like running through a crowded subway or airport since you are about to miss your plane.  The race was like this because the organizers didn't place the runners in order of their expected finishing time.  This wouldn't have been so bad if all the racers were running but many were not in the race to run, they were there to walk.  So the speed demons, not me in that group, were 1,000 people back in the pack and there were 4-5 wide walkers crowding their way.

This was looking to the front.  The starting 300 meters was up over a bridge.
It was the only incline in the whole race.
It took about 0.5 km to get going and start the serious dodging.

Other than that, the race was well organized for 6,500 people.  They had music, some energetic aerobics instructors leading stretching before the gun and the race course was nicely laid out.  The distance was 3.5 miles or 5-point-something kilometers.  Only companies were allowed to register so we had about 15 runners on our JV team.  GE, GM, JP Morgan, Eaton and many others were represented quite well.

Some guys I ran with.  
This was after the race.  We were given a nice shirt, some water and gatorade.
It was a gorgeous day for the race.

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