Monday, December 17, 2012

Concordia Christmas Events

We had very low expectations for having a 'real' Christmas in China this year.  To our surprise it has been much better than we could have imagined.  There are two aspects that I'll write about, first the experiences we've had at our international school and second, how China 'celebrates' this Christian holiday.

So Concordia is a Christian, Lutheran based, school that offers a religion class per day.  Many of the teachers are great, solid Christians and some we even see at our church on the weekends.  Also, the school makes a great effort to stay true to the American curriculum and celebrates all of the American holidays (even Thanksgiving this year).  So, we should have expected the same for Christmas.  

There was a Christmas performance for each of the kids.  
Yu gege was a percussionist in the Christmas concert.

It was a 50ish piece band.

The elementary school classes had a choir, musical instruments and a
play with lots of Christmas music.

Caomei was a sheep in the manager play.

Sheep in the crowd.

Yanyuan is in the middle dressed in red.  He did a very special singing and
dancing show.

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