Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowy Shanghai

We have had a very cold winter here.  They say it has been the coldest winter in 27 years.  During the winter break we had a cold front come through that dropped a bunch of snow on us.  It was very fun peddling our bikes to church! The next morning there was a little snow on the ground - just enough to make a few snowballs.
Caomei trying to make a snowball.

It took about 6 hours of snowing before some of it started to

Ice balls!

Yuyuan was so happy to have icicles from his bike light.

There are trampolines around the neighborhood.  This one
had ice and snow that was bouncing with us.

Backyard dusting.

Front yard had a little more for us to collect up into a minor
snowball fight.
It has flurried a few more times but nothing to accumulate.  I'm not sure if it is being a kid or being a kid from Florida but the kids are soooo excited when it snows!

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