Friday, January 25, 2013

Yings around Xi'an

While Uncle Jim was here from the USA, we took a short flight to Xi'an for his second weekend.  Xi'an is one of the oldest cities here in China that dates back 3100 years.  It has been the capital of China a few times and has been the location of the most dynasties.  A dynasty is the reign of an emperor, I think.  

We had a full day of touring the attractions but we also spent some time nearby the hotel in the city.  This means within the city walls.  This city wall is a great-wall-like boundary of the inner city that is as impressive as the Great Wall.  It seemed to be taller and wider and was 20-30 km in circumference.  In nice weather you could rent a bike and pedal all the way around.

We walked around the Muslim area, the bell tower and the drum tower.
This steak and beef on a stick was street food that was
brought in to our table.  Very spicy.

The Muslim quarter walking street.  Very crowded with many
unique foods, trinkets, artwork and other unknown stuff.

This was a crazy desert that was steamed and put on a stick.
We asked the name but it didn't translate to English.

Roasting walnuts.

A cool stone carving.
10 RMB ($1.60) for a view of Jupiter through
his homemade telescope.  He put this thing on
his 3-wheeler.

Even though it was 300+ on the air quality index we could see Jupiter.
Yugege has ice cream flowing in his viens.

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