Friday, March 1, 2013

Chinese Snake New Year

The largest holiday on the Chinese calendar is their New Year, or spring festival.  Most Chinese will leave the big city and go 'home' for a week or so to be with their families.  In Shanghai there is a large migrant population so the city probably decreases by 50% during this holiday.  Most foriegners leave the country since this is a week off from work that most other countries in the world don't celebrate.  The challenge is getting a ticket out. 
The view from the JW Shanghai looking down on People's
Square and towards the Bund.

It is still winter in Shanghai!

The fireworks at midnight.
It turned out that the fireworks were mostly close to the ground so it was not as impressive as we hoped.  They were exploding at about the 20 story and we were on the 55th or in the lounge on the 59th story.  

Two envelopes with 10 RMB in each from the hotel.
Money in envelopes is the Chinese traditional present.

A dragon paraded through breakfast (see video).

Caomei wore the freaky Chinese mask, I guess because she
was wearing here Chinese outfit.

Relaxing on New Year's Day by the pool.

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  1. Looks like such fun! The kids are getting so big, we miss you :)