Friday, March 15, 2013

Simply China - II

This is just various photos from the last couple of moths.  No particular order but some interesting things that happen.
I was invited to a leadership conference in Sanya.  Stayed at
the St. Regis, very beautiful hotel and location.

Chinese New Year is a time for feasts.  My team went out
to dinners with the COMAC teams to celebrate.  This was
one of six dinners for me.

I Love Shanghai (from Puxi looking at Pudong)

A little easier to read...

My taxi driver pulled over and had to pee.  Public deification
is more popular than you think.

China day costume for Caomei before school.
That is Chocolate, Frosted Flakes she's eating.

My office area at COMAC.  I've chosen to have a cubicle too.
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We had 3 days of snow last winter.  The largest accumulation
was about 1".

The family was asked to pose for a local magazine.  A topic for
another blog.


  1. Hello Ingram's!! Love looking at your photos. Sure looks like everyone is enjoying life in China. We miss you down here in FL. So not the same when we head over to Ave B ;)
    I have tried a few times to send you emails thru yahoo. I hope you are able to get them. Just want to send this note to let you know we think of you often and that you are missed! Much love, Anita and Michael

  2. Hi Anita. Just saw that you sent an email. It was great getting your post! I don't think that I am getting your emails but Elspeth might be. She was very busy teaching at the kid's school for a few months but now she should have more time to respond. All is good here and we are looking forward to warmer weather and our trip back to Florida this summer.
    - Mike