Friday, April 26, 2013

Downtown Sanya Visit

The hotel was awesome but we needed to get into downtown Sanya to buy some snacks and drinks (cheap wine) so that we didn't go broke buying everything at the hotel prices.  We had been told that Sanya has many Russian visitors since it's the closest, warmest spot for them, at least the people in Eastern Russia.  It was definitely the case, all the signs were in two languages - Chinese and Russian.
It turned out to be a fun excursion.  We were dropped off at the 'mall' and stayed outside to the outdoor eating area.  In this outdoor area were community tables setup in the middle of a collection of food stands.  They were selling mostly seafood as you can see all the tanks but there was also some locally brewed beer and other non-seafood items.  Talk about fresh - pick your fish and they cook it immediately!

Mostly tropical fish and crabs.

These are the fish that we thought we were going to catch on our fishing trip...

Lots of crabs, clams and snails!

Pot of clams, shrimp,etc.

Chinese Crawdads

About 15-20 stands of outdoor kitchens.

We ordered a fried fish or two.  It was very good.

Fish, shrimp, rice and beer for under $10.  Our only cheap meal of the week.

Lots of outdoor shops for bargaining.
Big conch shells, pearls, etc. for cheap prices.

This was a parrot fish from one of the street tanks.  An awesome blue color
when it is outside of the water.  The Chinese eat all kinds of fish.  I don't think
that I have ever seen parrot fish on a menu in the states.

Large beautiful fish.

The beach was very busy at night.  Chinese don't like the sun so many seem
to do their beach playing after the sun went down.

We joined in the sand castle making!

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