Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mike (Baba) & Els' (Yang Mei) Day Out

It was a holiday so Mike did not have to work on Monday.  The kids went to school and we got to spend the day in Xintiandi, a historic part of Shanghai. We rode our bikes 30 minutes to a subway and took the subway across the river an old part of town.This area is more widely known for its boutiques, the building where Communism was "born," and lovely old homes.  We enjoyed all of that but also explored the side streets.
Here are some of our highlights!

Empty pots waiting to be filled with liquor again.

An electrician's dream or nightmare, depending on how he/she views this.


 A noodle shop!

 Fresh noodles.  Another "yum."

 The noodle shop open to the street.  The bags of flour and ingredients 
are stacked on the "loft" above and behind.

Adorable frogs await their doom.  Not a "yum."

 They cut your portion of fish and fried it on the spot for you.  
The fish's head was still "gasping for air" as it sat on the table top.  

Els saw this gate & opened it a crack to discover ...
...her next home remodeling project!
This incredible home, built in 1928, is now converted into little apartments.  Els spoke with an old man who was hanging up his laundry in the garden.  He lives in an apartment around the back of the house. This place is amazing!  The plaque on the wall said that in 2005, the house was declared as a "can't be moved" relic.  

And there you have it!

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  1. Wonderful photos...I almost feel as if I had been there too!