Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yings in Halong Bay, Vietnam

This year we decided to travel outside of China to see what else Southeast Asia has to offer.  Our first journey, besides Hong Kong, was to Vietnam.  It was a 5 day adventure that started in Hanoi (N. Vietnam) very late at night.  We landed after 11 and got to the hotel about 12:30 since you have to get your visa put into your passport at the airport before going through immigration.  The lesson learned here is to bring US Dollars since our $45 each was more like $60 each with Chinese RMB.

We spent one short night in Hanoi and boarded a bus to Halong Bay.  It was about a 3.5 hour bus ride through the countryside of Vietnam.  It was interesting to see the rice paddies, buffalo, interesting homes and the construction - most of which was between 50% and 80% complete.  

On the way to our overnight Boat cruise we stopped at a bathroom break/tourist shop.  Some interesting items for sale from the local disabled workers.  

The Halong Bay tour was less than $100 per person for the all-inclusive excursion.  In general, Vietnam was very cheap.

King Cobra, Scorpion Rice Wine.  $300/bottle is what we
were told.  Good health.

Working on thread pictures.  Nice work but at very inflated


On the dock ready to board the Byaha Classic I boat.  24 rooms
so about a 50 person capacity.

Little boat to get to the big boat.

On the top deck.  This was a the attraction,
the geological-interesting rocks.

For mama and baba.  1 room with bathroom.

Kids room - 2 singles and a mattress on the floor.

Our first venture - to the floating village.  A fishing village with
school and floating bank.

Our own private boat with rower.

People watching as we floated on by.

Our rower - he didn't speak any English so not much of a guide.

Tia Chi in the morning.

Lots of vendors, even creative ones like this one who was a
floating grocery store at our window.

A very cool cave.  Stalagmites and Stalactites - what was which
who knows.

They added colored lights for effect.  All the rocks were a
rocky color.

A view from the cave exit.

We made our own fried spring rolls.

The food was fantastic!
Our departure wave from the crew.

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