Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Invasion for JV Promotional Video at the House

Earlier in the year we were asked to hold the Joint Venture's (JV) promotional video at our house.  They were looking for a home that provided an example of what it was like for foreigners to live here in Shanghai.  It was a fun opportunity for the family and me to experience what goes into making a film.

The crew arrived promptly at 6 am.  About 30-40 people, 3 trucks worth of stuff and mayhem.  The main characters of the video were an expat couple and their 8 year old.  We were guests at their house (our house) for our scene.  

Invasion of the filming crew.  They were pretty well behaved,
other than one of them having a smoke in the bathroom.

The Mom getting makeup.

The daughter practicing flying her airplane.

The JV Communications Director and part of the show.

Camera on rails for the shot coming into the family room.

We were able to watch the shooting from another room.

Serious Stuff!

Yangmei all made up and getting ready for
our scene.

Here we are getting ready to be guests at our
own house.  We entered, gave the 'owners' a
hug and then walked into the living room.

The kids played a game while the cameras were on them.

A couple of other actresses in the show.  They are also
JV employees.

Scene 3 was in the backyard having lunch.  It was a great, sunny
day for the filming. 

Cheers over lunch.

Close-up Cheers!!

Packing up and leaving after 8 hours at the house.
 It was a long day since they wanted to do some more filming at the office as well.  The office is about an hour drive and they had scene 5 at 4 o'clock.  My scene was at 8 o'clock so I ended up leaving the office about 10:30.
In the engineering lab with our avionics equipment.

The film crew having fun in the simulator.  This was the prop
for my speaking scene.

The teleprompter.  This is an angled piece of glass that projects
the text from below.  There was a screen below and there was a
camera behind the glass.

The crew.  I have my arm around the director.  He was very professional.

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