Monday, December 2, 2013

American Football in Shanghai

We did the 'Chinese' sports last fall so this year it was worth a try at some American sports, like football.  We met the coaches and staff at a Concordia open house and decided that now was a good time to join.  It was 2,500 RMB (~$400) for the season which included 2 practices and a game per week.  The season goes for about 3 months, Sept - Nov.  

The orientation where Mark put on Shoulder pads for the
first time.  You can see he likes them!

Trying on the helmet for size.
The league gave us most of the pads so the kids only had to supply their mouthpiece, practice jersey, cup and cleats.  The practice jerseys are not so easy to find in China so I took a trip to the fake market to buy some pro jerseys.  These are like-real jerseys and I bought 2 for 200 RMB ($32) where these are $100 each back home.
Dags was excited to wear Dad's Patriots jersey.  

Baltimore Ravens - Flacco

The home field is Shanghai Football Rugby Club (SFRC) about 20
minutes from Jinqiao.

Pre-game snack of snickers bars.

1st game under the lights.  Mark was wide receiver

Will was middle linebacker

Will also played Quarterback and tailback

Post-game Dunkin Donuts.

Mark struggled getting dressed for football but always had
a great time once he got there.

Will could have played Seniors or Juniors but since he only
weights 85lbs we thought it was best to be on the Juniors.

I-formation offense.

4-3 or 5-3 defense

Neck streching

There was an exhibition game at the Shanghai stadium for the
NFL experience.

NFL sponsors.  That is Jordon our girl player.  One of the better
running backs.

Before we went on there was an intense Chinese flag football

There were other NFL experience activities.

Typical warm ups
 One of the highlights of the season was a visit from NFL great, Joe Montana.  We spent a Friday night with him watching an NFL game and then the next day he did a clinic.  It was an amazing experience to see and talk with him in such a small venue.
The boy's ball was signed by Joe.

Picture with Joe and some other Dragon parents.

Mark with his friend Colin at the clinic.  We went early to setup.

Joe tossing the rock to the kids.  He hasn't lost his
timing at all.  He looked a bit old though...

Signing autographs.  We had him sign Will's shirt and the football.

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