Monday, December 30, 2013

Philippines Whale Sharks

I'll let Yangmei write this blog since it was a life-long dream of hers to swim with whale sharks.

Mark isn't as thrilled with his breakfast of fresh mango and sticky rice with beans
 as Mike and I were.  It was served a tiny cup of strong chocolate to pour over the rice.

Look at that fabulous shape in the water next to me! Look at the size of him!  

Most of the whale sharks were approximately 9 meters long.  I did get to meet one even larger after he bumped into my back.  I turned around, thinking that I'd drifted into a boat hull, but found myself looking down the mouth of one that was at least 10 meters.  He was huge!

Mike and a friend.

Will didn't want to get out of the water.

The canoe that took us out to the whales.  Dagny was afraid of the waves, since it was a little choppy on the water.  She watched from the boat.

It looks as though I'm touching it, but I'm not.  
We weren't allowed to touch the sharks.   They didn't get the same instructions, though, so occasionally they bumped into us or gently pushed us with their fins.

During the "pre-whale shark viewing training," we were told to stay at least 4 meters away at all times.

During our dives, our guide, who was in the water with us to take photos, kept saying, "Go down!  Get closer!  Go!  Go!  Get right next to the sharks!"

Sounds good!

Will said he could feel the current of water rushing into the shark's mouth.
Did Mark just get slurped inside?
Nope, there he is!  Phew!
And did I mention that we saw mermaids, also?
Taking a moment to rest on the outrigger.

Don't get sucked in, Will!  Will the Krill!
There's our guide/photographer.  Two sharks with us.  Two happy swimmers.

An amazing lunch which we had after the shark swim and waterfall visit.  Our table sat on a beach of worn coral, under a bamboo pergola overlooking the sea.

Fish Ceviche
Grilled Fish
Fried Chicken
Spicey Chicken Soup
San Miguel Beer
A gorgous, chilly waterfall.  The kids are standing on the stump of a tree that they found under the water.

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  1. wow, looks amazing! You guys are doing so much fun stuff. You won't want to come back! Happy New Year!