Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shanghai Superbowl XLVIII @ the Kerry

There is a 13 hour time difference between EST and China time.  We woke the family up early during the Chinese New Year break to go to the Superbowl at the Kerry Parkside center.  This is an executive, full-service residence with many Western restaurants, shopping, a brewery and a bunch of other memories of home.  They also sponsor a Superbowl party with a massive screen, breakfast buffet and all you can drink beer and mamosas.  

Kickoff was at 7:25 am. We arrived at 7:25 but the hallway before the banquet hall was empty so we thought we were early.  So we gave our tickets, got our table assignment and walked into a hall full of Americans ready for the game, 350 of them.  We were right on time and expecting to see a descent game...  

Ice sculpture and all!

Wall size TV with the game streamed over the internet
NFL gamepass.

We ended up knowing many people from the boys football
and other friends from school.  We sat at our assigned table
for about 5 minutes.
We wore our blue garb since we didn't have any Seattle Seahawks shirts.
For a football game the people sat much more behaved than
you would expect.  

Face painting for Dagny.

Football games in the open parts of the hall.  The kids had a
blast, especially since the game wasn't very exciting.

There was a jugs machine throwing passes.

This is another GE family, the Doerrs - 4 kids.

It was a blowout! 

Els walking across the front.

A very dark Tom Brady mannequin.  

The winning quartback from Seattle!

The end of the Payton era!

But one fan remaining...  

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