Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shanghai Insect Museum

The first day of Chinese New Year was a lazy day after a night of fun.  So we decided with a group of friends to go to the Shanghai Insect Museum just behind the Oriental Pearl Tower in Liugaizui.  It turned out to be much more than just insects...

But first we ate lunch at TGI Fridays behind the Superbrand mall.  Yes, you heard it right, Friday's is in Shanghai (and if you look carefully behind the kids, there is a Hooters).  Not quite the same shapely girls in Hooters but the same outfits and wings.  

3 families with 8 total kids - we received many looks.

Insect museum was behind the Pearl Tower.
 I heard it was a bad translation of Chinese to say that this was only an insect museum.  But for about $10 for adults it was worth a couple hours of time.
Here is the entrance to the insect museum.
Ok, so the insect museum had a bit more things
than insects.  This was a cute little monkey.

There were a bunch of snakes and other reptiles.

These were cool stick bugs covering this plant.

Monster-sized frog.

A savannah monitor lizard.

Long-necked turtle.

You could also catch fish in this pond.  It was $2.50 for a bucket
and a net.  Whatever you can catch you can keep. 

There was an area of butterflies in frames and on the walls.

These were neon blue butterflies.

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