Monday, May 19, 2014

Shanghai Formula One (F1)

The Formula 1 circuit goes through Shanghai on it's world tour.  A few years back Shanghai built a $1 billion track and stadium to attract the race.  Since it was in town, I bought 3 tickets for me and the boys.  We mostly did it to say we had done it and we will probably not do it again.  It was 2100 RMB ($350) per ticket for 3 days of races - 2 qualifying and the final race.  It was cheap getting here so I could justify the expensive tickets since it was still cheaper than flying to Texas (only USA location).  

We wanted to see the race so we got the grandstand seats to allow viewing of the pits and more of the track.  The cheaper seats are in other stands or even on the grass.  It was a great view and there was a roof to cover us from the rain.

The cars were very loud but not as loud as the previous years since the changed the engine.  It wasn't a very interesting race since Hamilton from Mercedes was on the pole position and led the whole race.  There were also no crashes and very few passings.  But hey, "I've done it" and the cars are very fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The drivers circled the track in a double-decker bus.

At the start of the F1 race.

This bringing the tires out to the starting positions.

The pit stops took less than 3 seconds to change tires.
The rules say you have to use 1 tank of gas for a race.

Mark and his friend Markus.

There was big pavilion for shopping, etc.

Friday was practice, Saturday was qualifying and Sunday was
the race.  Saturday it was raining.

This was after qualifying.

He wanted Ferrari, I took Mercedes - Dad won!

To fill the time there was a Porche race.  

Looking out over the parking lot.

The track is less than 10 years old, maybe less than 5.

The stands were full for the Sunday, F1 race.  

The winner's circle - Hamilton from Mercedes.

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