Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daisy's Daddy Daughter Dance

The Girl Scouts here in China are strong, at least in Shanghai.  They even have a group for the young girls below Brownie which is called Daisy's.  Dagny is in her second year and has really enjoyed it.  She has a wonderful vest that has a bunch of patches on it, including a "Daddy Daughter Dance" patch.  
This was our first 'Daddy-Daughter' dance.  It was a formal event at a local hotel.  

Note: Captions from Dagny
This is me (Dagny) going to the Daddy-
Daughter dance.

It was very cool that I (Dagny) got to ride with
my friend in the car who is also going to the

One of my cats came in the picture too.  He
is called Russ.

I was very excited for the Daddy-Daughter dance.

This is my friend and my other cat Ben.

I went to the hair salon and they did something
very fancy to my hair.

I like my hair a lot so I took a photo of it.

We were going to look for my dress and my Mom
choose a white sweater and blue dress with
very fancy fabric.

And this is me with my friends at the Daddy-Daughter dance.
I was very playful!

I was having very much fun at the Daddy-Daughter dance.

We even got candy!  

I was not just me, the other Daisies did it too.

I had a bag so I could put my candy inside.

The Y - M - C - A song was very fun.

Another dad taking pictures of the girls.  He won the prize for
the tackiest tux.

A selfie with Dad.  I had very fun!

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