Friday, August 30, 2013

Concert Week - Metallica & Cir-de-Soli

It turns out that there is a rush of foreign bands playing in Shanghai.  Over the last year there has been Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Pet Shop Boys, to name a few.  My experience at concerts was in the form of Metallica.  I was not a big Metallica fan in my younger days but when the tickets ended up being free - what the heck why not?

I found out that GE has a luxury box at the arena that seats about 30 people.  We had 6 in our group and we met a bunch of other GE China folks - some I had met on other leadership outings.

From the street.  It is in the World Fair part of Pudong.

The VIP entrance to the GE Box, nice!

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The show started about 25 minutes late and went for two
and half hours.  4-5 encore songs.

Cool light show and they were rockin' in the mosh pit!

Lights on during the encore.  Some people had left already.

About $350 for the first 10 rows, $200 for middle floor and lower
seats, $80 for the upper deck.  $0 for the GE Box.

A few days later Yangmei and I went with another couple to Michael Jackson, Cir-de-soli.  It is a mix of Michael Jackson type dance and a little acrobats thrown in.  Much more dancing than we expected but lots of fun.  

We were straight on from the stage.  

Lots of lights.

About 20-30 dancers in all and they played most of his
good songs.

There was a main dancer who had the moves like the king.

These were lighted costumes.  A very cool effect and similar
to what Michael was going to use on this tour...

In the basement of the Mercedes arena is an ice rink.
For one of my team building events we spent a couple
hours on the ice together.

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