Friday, January 3, 2014

Philippines, Shangri La Resort

We had 6 nights at the Shangri La.  We stayed on the first floor on the Ocean View wing.  Our room was a bit bigger since we put all five of us in it.  In China we have been 'forced' to book 2 rooms each time we stay at a hotel so with 1 room we upgraded a bit.  It ended up being about a few hundred bucks a night - oh well, we were on vacation so just don't think about it, right?

This was a our Christmas morning.  We made a deal with Santa
to only give the small presents and save the big ones for Shanghai.
He obeyed.

BBQ on sticks and milk shakes after a day at the pool/beach.  And
a show!

Fire twirlers.  It was a show of 'tropical' dancing from around
the pacific.

Hawaiian dancing girls. 

The limbo for the kids.

Mark, Dagny and Dad did it.

The grand finale.
Fire breathing!

3 kids on the hammock, a great week!

Happy hour for apple juice and sprite!

Our friends from Jinqiao showed up for the last couple days.
Dagny's friend Addy.

Fireworks for us on Friday night, not sure why?

Nice gym facility.  We are all stretching or at least pretending.

Mini golf on the monuments of the Philippines.  It was a
ridiculously hard course but fun nonetheless. 

The boys had a great time in the water balls.  You ran in them
like gerbils.  You only had 10 minutes until your air ran out but
they had quite the workout.

Dagny made friends with another 6 year old from Hong Kong.
Tabitha, Cypress and little brother.

The snorkeling off the beach was great.  They called it a marine sanctuary since there was a bunch of coral reefs in less than 10 feet of water.  We saw 1000s of fish, giant clams, eels, sea snake, big blue star fish and crabs.  We were out there hours each day.  
I bought a plastic bag for my iPhone and it said it was waterproof to 6m.  It worked great for videos but not as good for photos, except for a few like the one below.  A great $30 investment.  

A cool blue starfish!

A Nemo fish.

Giant Clam that Mama wanted to bring home...

Great snorkeling right off the beach! 

The beach was crushed coral, very nice.

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