Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Chinese New Year Company Party

The annual Chinese new year party is a great event that includes dinner and entertainment.  The entertainment is from the employees doing singing, dancing, tai-ji and more singing.  There are also many drawings for prizes, called "Lucky Draw" for massage machines, air purifiers, juicers, etc.

The company spends a lot of money on this event and I think it is the best event of the year.  Colleagues seeing their other colleagues doing performances outside of work is very enjoyable.   It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage in front of all your peers and do something that could be a little embarrassing.

Here a few photos.  I'll probably upload more when they are available from the photographers.

Party preparation, including changing the words on a song.

This was the Tai-Ji show.  It was very artistic and the audience
enjoyed it very much.

During the Tai-Ji there was a guy doing calligraphy.
This was a Chinese folk dance from Western China.  It was
very close to a middle-eastern/Russian style.

This is a couple of our leaders.  The CEO direct-reports
had to all dress in super hero costumes.  Superman is my

This is from the stage.  There were about 300 people but the
spouses were not allowed.  A disappointment for us.

This was a song called "What does the Contract Say?"  I
changed the words from What does the Fox Say?
This year I was asked to return as one of the four MCs.  I was quite honored to be asked again but I think that they just wanted to see "James Bond" again.  So a week before the event I sent out a request for people to send in videos for if they have seen James Bond.  I had a strong feeling the response would be weak, which it was, so Ziad (a work friend), Will and I went out around Shanghai to capture some video.  I also got a few great videos from a friend in the UK who did some fancy green-screen work with his son.

At the beginning of the dinner the other MCs asked where is James Bond and then this video was played.  At the end of the video I ran along the side of the audience and jumped up on the stage.  It was fun entrance.  The video can be seen on youtube.

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