Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can Opener Experience

The World Financial Center building (aka - can opener) in Shanghai is the tallest in the city. Can you guess which one is the can opener? This is the view from our apartment/hotel this month. It is what I wake up to each morning. 

Many days the top of the building is in the clouds since it is so tall. At night, the top of the tower sparkles and blue lights outline the edges of the tower from the top to the bottom. I've even seen it once turn red.

Yesterday, the whole family (minus Baba) went up to the top of it and experienced Shanghai from above. There was lots of security making us walk to scanning machines, there was three of them. They were watching us making sure all of our liquids were gone. But it was worth it since it was a clear day and we could see very, very far. The picture below is looking over the river to the West - Puxi side of Shanghai.

In the top part of the can opener on the 100th floor there were glass squares lining the floor bottom of the top area of the can opener hole. You look at the bottom area of the can opener section and then also see the ground. 

The scariest thing that I did up there was to lean on the tilted glass. Mark was scared when he was jumping on the glass.  It was a great visit!

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