Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheap & Drinkable

I noticed five bottles of this wine in a Chinese woman's grocery cart so I purchased one to try as well.  It would be a very inexpensive mistake if it turned out bad.  To our surprise, it is not bad at all, in fact drinking this has stopped us from depleting our "suitcase cellar" that was stocked from numerous trips to China.


  1. Great stories love to read them! My friend Ivy will be in Shanghai on the 3rd of July. I will send you her phone numbers at the end of the week they are on my computer which is elsewhere!

  2. Love the new blog. Great way to keep all your stateside friends and family up to date and learn from your experience! Thanks, and glad it's going so far so good!

  3. I'm glad you found something decent that you can buy locally given the Ravenswood debacle! I love the new blog and look forward to checking in often!