Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chinese Handiman

Last week my office was closing up and being moved from the city (Puxi side) to the new COMAC facility in Pudong.  At the same time COMAC was also closing up.  This photo is a classic example of the Chinese innovative thinking without regard to their own well-being.  
That worker is being held by his ankles out the 8th story window.  I watched him for about 10 minutes before I got bored, who knows how long it took him to do the job.  He was working on something electrical - could have been hacking into free electricity, which is a popular activity.  
I've watched people cross the highway by standing on the striped line while cars go by at 50 mph.  The taxi drivers tend to drive at night without their lights on because the think that "it saves them gas".  Think about that one...  I've also heard stories about construction workers working while sparks from welders are shooting into crowds of people.

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