Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chinese Food - Not like home

Mandarin Squirrel Fish - The best fish we've eaten in China (Suzhou)
The food is one of the most unique aspects of living in Shanghai.  The majority of the cuisine is Chinese but if you are craving a cheeseburger then you can get that too.  There is all types of fish, all kinds of known and unknown vegetables, many mushrooms, noodles and as you can guess, plenty of rice.

The Chinese don't have a concept of 'low-fat', which is good since there is a much better balance of carbs, fat, protein  etc.

Ayi Noodles - Home cookin' and Yangmei's favorite!

They eat the whole animal including the pig nose.  No, we haven't tried this yet.

All-you-can-eat Marriott breakfast.  Chocolate covered pancakes!

As you can see, fish is always served whole.  Be very careful of the bones!

Look at Yanyuan with those chopsticks!  


  1. Please let us know if you ever eat pig nose. I am not sure if I could live there, I probably would only ever eat noodles and rice.

  2. From Yangmei. Pigs nose is for the timid. How about eating the whole pig's face? They also had the whole face vacuum-packed, as if they had peeled it off the head (eyes, ears in tact), laid it out like a rubber Halloween mask and packaged it up. Very interesting. I met pictures of the kids’ school while it is still green and lush. The picture mike put on the blog makes it look like a prison. Hope all is well!

  3. wow, really don't think I could even look at that!! Although my neighbor was telling me that after growing up on a farm you learn to use all parts of animals. His favorite thing is tongue. Don't think I could handle it. Missing you all at dance class, but love hearing all your stories