Saturday, September 15, 2012

Concordia International School

This is an entry about the kids experiences at their school.  We selected this school since it had great reviews, the teachers seemed great, the facilities were very new and it is Christian based.
Ying children on their first day of school at Concordia International School

Yu gege:  Here is my experience of being at Concordia International School for the first 3 weeks.  The biggest surprise when during PE we went outside of the school compound and we ran around a local housing development.  It was a one mile run.
I like that I don't have to walk around the halls with a teacher and that we have lockers.  The curriculum seems to be about the same but the pace seems to be much faster.  I also like how we have to wear a uniform for PE.
My Chinese is really fun since I get on the computer and listen to CDs.

Yanyuan:  My teacher is very good and nice.  The lunchroom is great, even last Friday they had fried fish - very yummy.  I feel that this school is the same or maybe a little better than Harbor City.

Caomei:  I like school too - I'm in kindergarten.  What I love the most is that we only read books in Chinese and English.  I like learning Mandarin.
Concordia Entrance

Impressive playground

Yuyuan and Caomei on the token school sign

Caomei's kindergarten setup.

Ma ma taking Caomei to school

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  1. Love the picture of you and dagny on the bike! Looks like you are fitting in quite well :) Glad to hear the kids are liking school, I bet they are soaking in so much knowledge.