Monday, September 24, 2012

Gone Fishin' in Shanghai

We are coming from Florida where at least one fish is caught on every fishing outing.  It didn't matter whether it was fresh water, salt water or off the beach we knew how to fish, what to use as bait and how to reel it in. So, here we come to Shanghai and nothing of fishing seems the same.  The locals use 15m bamboo poles, many without reels, and just flip the line out from there.  There is a very light bobber on the line that they watch and tug when it moves the slightest bit.  Bait consists of a dust that you add water to and must have some type of flavor that the fish like.
Yu Gege fishing at Century Park
Honestly, it is just as well that we haven't been so lucky.  If we did catch fish then I would have had to clean and cook them.  We have eaten these as bought and clean at the local market and they have a very 'fishy' taste like the water.
We bought at collapse-able rod and some tackle that we
had to learn how to use.  

Yanyuan with the only fish caught on this day.  

Century Park allows fishing for 20 RMB ($3.5) for a chair,
worms and the ability to fish in the pond.

We were with about 75 - 100 others fishing but we were
definitely not doing it right.

These were not our fish...  But someone did well.  He had
to pay by the kilogram for these - that's the other 'catch' to
this type of fishing.

Here was a second day at a man-made fishing hole.  We didn't have to pay to enter but would have had to pay if we caught any fish.  Others did catch a few but we came up empty...


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  1. I can't believe there is a fishing hole anywhere in the world that Mark and Will can't catch a fish!