Friday, September 14, 2012

Ying's in Suzhou

It's been a while since writing and since we took a trip to Suzhou but I thought it would be good to post some photos anyway.  We were there in mid-August and it was about 95-100 degrees and wicked humid.  The city is about 20 minutes away by fast train and is known for its gardens.  The kids were a bit museum and garden'ed out so we spent the first day at an amusement part.  Here are some photos of that park and the main attraction - Tiger Hill.  Suzhou is known as a river town similar to Venice, Italy where they transport things around by small boats.

Amusement Land, aka - Shanghai Disney.  $20 entry and some nice things for the kids to do.

Impressive roller coaster.  This is the type that your feet hang - no one was courageous enough to go on it.

More strangers wanting photos with Caomei.  

Happy kids waiting to go on their roller coaster!

This was our entry into to Tiger Hill.  It was filled with temples, gardens, water and one big pagoda.

A large bridge in the Suzhou across a canal.

A boy doing his business behind the wall but he forgot about those watching from the street.  This is a common behavior in China (i.e. going to the bathroom in public places).

Tiger Pagoda - leaning a little to the right.  You couldn't climb it any longer but it was amazing to look at.

This is the China diaper training technique.  The small children have a slit in their short so if they have to  go then they do something similar to this position.  It is quite a good idea to save trash and money!

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