Saturday, May 25, 2013

Boss's American BBQ Party

My team is comprised of half foreigners and half local engineers.  To help build team relationships I had a cookout at my house.  The theme was an American BBQ - mostly since for my birthday Yangmei bought the family a gas grill.  

About 20 engineers with their families showed up so about 40-50 people total.  We had a great time eating, playing, jumping on the trampoline and getting to know each other a bit better. 

Kids and people from all over the world - USA, Canada, New Zealand,
Shanghai, England, Egypt, ...
All of the local engineers live in apartment buildings so dwelling being a 'villa' with a yard is unique to them.  
Yangmei bought a Majong table here in China.  This was it's first accurate use.

Pretty intense game.  In the parks around Shanghai you can see crowds
of 20 people around a Majong table watching the action.

That is our trampoline - donated from a neighbor but huge fun (as you can see)!

They even had dessert on there - Magnum Ice Cream bars.
There was a variety of foods brought by the guests.  I asked them to bring a traditional food from their country.  So there were many fun treats.
I should have gotten a photo earlier of the cheeseburgers but I was too busy
cooking them to photograph them...

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