Sunday, May 12, 2013

Science and Technology Museum, Pudong

There is a great museum close by to our house called the Science and Technology museum.  It is on Metro line 2 and is also famous for the 'fake' market.  The fake market is where you can buy every type of Gucci bag, polo shirt or Oakley sunglasses for less than $5-$10 but it's all fake.  That will be the topic for another posting.  This one is about a day out at the museum.

The front of the museum
The back of the museum is very unique with a large glass ball
in the center.  (photo from internet).  

An amazing collection of taxidermy animals in action poses.   

North American scene with deer, elk and turkey.

This was a wolf enjoying a venison dinner.

The walk through the museum was very well done with a
rain forest-like area.
This robot was one of the highlights of the visit.  He would hand you a rubics cube for you to mix up.  After you think that there is no way that he can solve it, you place it in his hand.  He pulls it in, observes it for a couple minutes and then proceeds to turn the squares to solve the puzzle in a minimal amount of moves.
Handing us back his proud completion of the cube!

Here is the finished product.

Mom's favorite section, the spiders!  Many hands on exhibits
for us to play with.  They even had real spiders in drawers,
kinda sad actually.

This was in the genetic engineering section.  They are very proud of their
progress when it comes to food modifications.  This is a mouse with a human
ear on its back ---- I'm sure that's tasty!

A two headed cow.  Not the most productive part to have more than you need.

In the lobby they had some impressive dinosaur skeletons.
This is just a small sample of the museum.  It was quite impressive and included a space section, IMax theaters, exercise exhibits for testing coordination, environmental sciences research etc.  


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