Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jinqaio 8k Running Race

Shanghai, or China, is not known for their runners.  There are about 25 million Chinese and less than a million foreigners but the you see about the same amount jogging.  The locals also like to walk while hitting themselves, walk backwards and wave their arms alot.  So when it comes to an actual organized race, they are anything but organized...

This race was about 200 meters from our house so there was no excuse to miss this one.  We live in Jinqaio, aka-Green City, where there are many foreigners.  

This is the second race that I've entered here in Shanghai so I knew a little more what to expect.  For example, the race organizers don't put the fast people in the front.   As a result, the front-runners will run for about 1k then walk the rest.  Runners find it like running for your flight in a crowded airport, you have to dodge all the walkers - and most of them are walkers.

The local media was invited.  They were standing in front of the racers within seconds of the starting gun.  When the race started they moved partially to the side so the runners had to navigate around them.
Here is the media.  I don't watch the news so I didn't see the

This was a celebrity in the yellow shirt, no idea who.
It seemed like most runners were excited to have this guy in the race.
We were on the Baobei team.  It is a local charity for Chinese babies that need life-saving operations.  Each one of us had a 'cape' of the sponsored baby.
This is Angelina, she was born with an esophagus that wasn't
connected  to her stomach.  The surgery at birth was botched
 so the donations were going to her new surgery.
This kids did the 2k distance, Dad did the
8k (about 5 miles)
Our capes.

The locals love flags at races.  It was a fun atmosphere.

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