Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring in Shanghai

It has been a long winter this year.  Okay, so not quite as long and harsh as the Northern United States but between the really bad air quality in December and January to the cold February and March, it seemed very long.  Luckily we have had a couple of nice weeks and the AQI has gotten a lot better.  This blog is about a few spring-time activities that occur in Shanghai, especially with living with small school aged children.

Winter basketball has finished.  Typical parents wanting that
last shot of their kid playing sports.

Baseball practice on Concordia field.  A nice 65F day in March.

Spring band recital for Will.  He's playing percussion in the
back row.

Baseball registration!  Bags and gear ready to roll.

Baseball try-outs.

Some good coaches this year with Shanghai Sluggers.

We are feeling a move to another compound is in our future.
The move would be from Green Villas to Viscaya about 1 km away.

A fun spring block-party with some good friends, with a bouncy house an all!

Mark and friends Carlos and EJ.

As you would expect, the city is preparing a plot for spring flowers and a
garden upgrade in Zhang Jiang High Tech park.

Will's Aeroclub from Concordia visited COMAC.  They toured the Iron bird
and other labs to learn about the Chinese Aviation industry.

View from my office at headquarters.  You can see the cherry

Will has a spring birthday (March 23).  He turned 12 this year and invited over
4 friends for a BBQ steak dinner and sleepover.

We bought a cake for him at the local cake shop.  They said it was vanilla but it
ended up being a nasty Dorian fruit cake.  Dorian smells nasty and tastes
even worst.  $50 down the tubes...
The next blogs will be about the vacation we just took to Thailand.  We returned today from Bangkok, Chiangmai and Phuket.  A great trip!

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