Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ying's in Chiangmai, Thailand II (Buffalo, rafting, tigers!)

They dropped us off of the elephants about a mile or so away from the camp. From this drop-off point they had us get in a cart that was pulled by water buffalo.  Not very exciting or fast but we felt like country folk from a hundred years ago.  And they also loved bananas...

After returning from the elephant rides and buffalo carting we then watched an elephant show.  It was pretty interesting to see that they have a little smarts in those big heads.  The performers were able to be trained to move and stack big logs, to kick a soccer ball, to dunk a basketball and to even paint a picture with a paint brush.  

Big tongues that sucked in the bananas.

They all loved the bananas and sugar cane.

Before the elephant show they were doing a trick of placing
a hat on and off the kid's heads.

On and off and on...

It was fun for them.

A peek into the elephants mouth.

About 10 were in the show ranging from a 4 year old down to a
few month old.

Painting a picture of an elephant and also signing it, Suda.

After the show and lunch we did a bamboo rafting trip.

It was pretty slow but it was fun floating through
the other elephant riders and seeing some elephants
bathe alongside us.

Each of us got a change to 'paddle'

All pushing us.

Mama's turn.

Looking natural behind the boat.

Looking like we are in the jungle with the wild animals.

Looks natural, except for that iPad in Baba's hands...

After a while the kids decided it would be much more fun walking
in the river than riding on it.  
This next visit was to the Tiger Kingdom.  For about $18 each we were able to enter into the cage with the 'smallest' tiger to pet it and get pictures with them.  If the kids were 15  and older then we could have gone into the adult tiger cages.  Watching the other, larger tigers I'm happy that it was the rule.  These are wild animals that seemed like at any point they could snap and have somebody's body part for lunch.

These were the large (not the largest).

There were about 10 in the cage and about 25 people at any given
time.  We were to approach from the back and not to touch their

They were mostly sleeping but they were occasionally playful
with each other.

You didn't want to stroke them lightly, only firmly.

A nice family shot with the tiger yawning. 

We paid for 15 minutes but were in there for about 25-30.

A frisky one sharpening his claws on the table.

There was a male lion in the park.  Mama had looked into his eyes
and he jumped at her.  A bit frightening.  Only a small chainlink
fence between each of the beasts and their dinner (us)!

This was a beautiful blue iguana that was enjoying the park also.

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