Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ying's in Phuket, Thailand

The last stop on our tour of Thailand was the relaxing part of the trip.  We had 3 nights and 4 full days at the JW Marriott in Phuket.  The JW is a beautiful resort that is a bit separated from the main city of Phuket but it had enough on the resort that we never got bored.  
They had a kid slide that they spent most of the first day at.
Much fun.

Dagny made a friend within hours of arrival.  She has a great
way of making friends wherever we go.

Franjipani, just like in Florida (home).

Will had a fishing activity and caught the most (3 in an hour).

These were palm tree seeds but be careful, they sting if their juice
gets on your skin.

They had a flying trapeez activity that we didn't do.

This was the back exit from our suite.

Nice pool that had torches lit at night.

Upper reflecting pool.

Dinner the first night, a bit tired for everyone.

Yawning everywhere.

This was a funny waterfall that was created from a broken
water pipe.  

We went on nice bike rides.  Dagny without training wheels!

A tightrope activity.  It kept them busy for an hour.

Not easy!

Jumping in - daddy and daughter.

A backflip.

All at once

Little crabs on the beach.

A nice beach that was empty for miles and miles.  Not so great
swimming since it got deep very quickly.

A nice walk one afternoon.

In our room there was a great window area
that a futon mattress fit perfectly.  Each kid
had a night in this bed.

Not sure what to say on this one....

Torches lit.

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