Monday, August 5, 2013

Chinese Golfing

The golfing in China is very similar to the West.  It doesn't seem as popular but it is gaining popularity.  There are a few, maybe up to 10 golf courses around Shanghai.  The one that I 've now been to twice this summer is Benhai.  It is about a 1 hour drive from the city in the middle of nowhere.

The course is nicely maintained and the club house is in good condition.  This all results in a day that sets you back about $200 when you consider the cart and mandatory caddie.

Panoramic shot from the club house on a nice, blue-sky day.  It was hot
 both days, probably around 100 F (40C).

Check-in where they give you a passport
to charge whatever you want.  I needed
plenty of balls...
This is a view of the putting green.

This was our 4-some.  One guy I know from the neighborhood
and the other two guys were his friends.

Day 2 with 25 knot winds.  

A baby praying mantis decided to join me.
Tee 1.  This was the only time we waiting
for the group ahead of us.  We received a
couple warnings for 'slow play'.
Lots of sand and water.

The Chinese caddies, they rode on the back of carts.

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