Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yings in HK - Day 2

Day 2 eventually brought better weather.  We woke up to rain and wind but by early afternoon it blew out and it was nice.  It was a nice day to walk around town and experience a trolley, some parks, the history museum, the ferry to Kowloon and the lights of Hong Kong.  
Hong Kong was great and not really what we expected.  It is hilly, tropical and very green.  We were amazed at the way that they built the city into the hills and all the elevated highways that kept the traffic off of the surface streets.  

The view of the harbor from the Courtyard Marriott.

Someone was up early.

Breakfast had an automatic pancake machine!  Push a button
and about 30 seconds later out came your 3" pancake.

The original transportation of Hong Kong
was electric, double-decker trolley cars.  For
all of us it was about $2.

Baba with a gotee on the trolley.

Steep stairs to get off.  You entered from the back and exited
out the front.  Paying on the way out.

This was a lookout tower in one of the parks.
We climbed it for a nice view.

View from the lookout tower.

Mark's building...  We bought him a 3D puzzle
of this building and had no idea that it was a
landmark in Hong Kong.  The Bank of China building.

Inside the BofC building was a dinosaur museum.  Small but

The first meteor that I've ever touched.  Neat stuff.

The Harbor Ferry to the other side.  A bit like the Seattle ferries.

Photo of Kowloon from the ferry.

A temporary show at the History Museum of the royal
costumes of the emperors.

Prehistoric History of Hong Kong, or anywhere...

Old cannon but lots of make-believe fun!

The English influence in Hong Kong.  A full-size
building, street and river scene.

Old trolley.  Many stores and scenes were on display.

Back on the street experiencing China-life.

Waiting for the sun to go down to see Hong Kong island
across the harbor.

This was a walk of fame and on it was this statue of Bruce Lee.
There were hand prints along the walk for famous people.

The Hong Kong skyline at night.

A landmark clock tower.

Day 2 was a great success.  We saw a bunch of things but left plenty of stuff to do on a return visit.  Things like the Peak Tram, the giant Budda and the fast-ferry to Macau.  

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