Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yings in Hong Kong - Day 1

When the boredom of Shanghai kicks-in then sometimes you just need a little change of scenery.  90% of the spouses and kids leave Shanghai for the summer, the whole summer.  With all the foreigners gone it becomes pretty boring for my kids.  So, road trip!!

With every domestic flight in China, we were delayed.  We took the late flight out on Thursday night anyway - 9 pm - 11:45 pm arrival.  Well, we left Shanghai at midnight so we didn't get into Hong Kong until 3 am, cleared customs by 3:45 and got to the Courtyard on Hong Kong island at 4:45...
Waiting at Pudong Airport - They gave a $50 in food vouchers.
This was on takeoff roll - about 12:30 am...
Day 1 was a trip to 'Ocean Park'.  This is a disney-like park with more of a focus on aquariums and zoos.  It turns out there was a Typhoon warning so all the outdoor rides were closed.  We went in anyway, which was a good call since it was nearly empty of people.  It rained a couple times but overall it was much better than waiting in lines for 1-2 hours for each ride.  The total cost of all 5 of us was about $120 (~$25-30 per adult).
Big aquarium in the background.

Level 3 Typhoon Warning.  This kept most people away.
It also kept the temperature down to about 80 deg.

The map.

Nicely kept and organized fish.
This is a lobster tank.

Coral Reef scene.

Big tub with silver fish - eating time.

Big-daddy grouper.  We were under the tank.

Massive tank with 65 cm glass.  It was probably 4 stories high.

Plenty of hammerheads

Chairlift ride over the mountain to the upper area of the park.
6 to a car (or 5 in our case).

This is the beginning, launching out of the starting gate.

This is looking back at the lower area of the park.

Right along the side of the hill, really nice views of Hong
Kong islands.

A highlight of the park was the chair lift.

South Pole, Penguin exhibit.  They lowered the temperature inside to
less than freezing.  It was a shocker from 80s to 30s.

North pole exhibit.  Walrus, sea lion, etc.

Many of these tunnels through the tanks.
After the park we went back to the hotel, ate in the executive lounge and got an early night's sleep.  

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