Friday, August 16, 2013

Yings in HK - Day 3

Day 3 turned out to be beautiful and a great day for the beach.  We had heard from a friend that Stanley Beach was a nice, clean and a happening place. There were many ways to get there (taxi, bus, tour bus) but we took the taxi for about $15.  After a slow start from the hotel we left about 10 and got to the beach about 10:45.  It was a beautiful ride up on the cliff hugging the coast.  Hong Kong was much more 'green' than we expected.

Much better weather from the hotel room.

Stanley beach - the South side of Hong Kong island.

Nice sand, nice houses, warm and clean water.

People bury people in beaches all over the world!

Exploring the rocks for fish, crabs and shells.  

The water temp was probably about 80.  Warmer than
we thought it would be.

Happy as clams.
The water was mostly clean other than some debris that people 'threw' into the ocean.  
Worked up an appetite for a pizza lunch.

This was a view of the Ocean Park chair lift (Day 1).  A much
nicer day but I'm sure the park was packed with people.

All that fresh air and activity.
We got a late checkout from the hotel (4 pm) and headed into the city for a little bit then to the airport.  When we arrived at the airport we saw the biggest chocolate coins ever.  
After they put us on the airplane for a 9 pm flight, the pilot announced on the intercom that there would be a 3 hour delay.  Very frustrating at first but eventually it only became about a 45 minute delay.

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